This page is a collection of guides to perform specific tasks or achieve particular goals using the features providen by the SmartWeb framework.

Please, search through this page for informations before posting any question into the forums or mailing lists: hopefully you can find here the answer to your problems.

If you find any error or mistake in this guides, both conceptual or practical, please correct or notify it: we'll be glad to learn from you!

JUnit test cases for BusinessObjectFactory implementations?

Someone could describe how to write test cases inheriting the BusinessObjectFactoryTestCase…

How do I configure Smartweb in Eclipse to develop a Smartweb application?

See DevEnvironmentSetup.

How do I create the database scripts?

It can be generated issuing the command mvn process-classes which generates a file named schema.sql into the res folder

How do I extend modules persistance?

If you wish to add some persistent data to one of our modules class you can do it without having to build your own custom version of that module, but simply using extension and a separate HBM. Unfortunately if you wish to use xdoclet to generate you HBMs the procedure can be a little bit triky as explained in XDoclet Dynamic Inheritance and Java 5 Generics Support.

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