A wiki is a collaborative web site where different people are able to add, edit and remove pages.

It's really easy to partecipate in this wiki:

  1. register yourself then
    • find out the page you want to edit then click on the edit link on the bottom or
    • add a new page using the form field on the left
  2. use the editor to edit the page contents
  3. preview the resulting page using the preview button
  4. insert a comment for your edit in the text area on the bottom
  5. save the page to allow other to see and improve it!

Just remember this few rules:

  • a red link means the corresponding page doesn't exist, so clicking on it means you want to add that page
  • don't be afraid to add pages or contents, others (or yourself!) can improve it later
  • try to remain on the section topic but don't be afraid, anyone can correct your mistakes!
  • all wiki pages are enlisted in a page, if you need to search for an existing page to link to…

For a more technical assistance you can visit the wikidot help section.

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